Residential 2nd Chance

Finance your new Rheem Purchase with convenient credit options like interest-free for 60-months!
• Minimum Transaction Size: $5,000
• Maximum Transaction Size: $3 million
• Term Range: 12 - 72 months
• Soft Cost Allowance (includes installation, wiring, plumbing, etc.): up to 50% of the total project cost
• Contractor Cost: $0
• Monthly Payments: Fixed
• Repayment Rate: Dependent on Credit Profile Range
• Commercial Customer Cost Due at Signing: 2 Monthly Payments
• Commercial Customer 1st Monthly Payment Deadline: Due month after the first 50% of financing is released
• Cancellation: Not Allowed, but existing agreement can be rolled into a new agreement
Second chance financing for residential customers that aren't approved for Synchrony.  Financing with a 40% higher approval rate, that won't ding your credit score.
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Apply for Credit
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