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AirDefense Maintenance Plan

Save Money and Future Headaches with a Maintenance schedule for all of your Heating and Cooling needs for your home.

How You Benefit

  • Safe operation of equipment helps protect your families and tenants by preventing health hazards like carbon monoxide.
  • Daily operation is more efficient and lowers utility bills, which makes everyone happy.
    Improves the air quality in the home, making everyone more comfortable.
  • Less likely to experience a failure, which saves you money in costly repairs.
  • Longer equipment life through planned maintenance saves you money.
  • Ensuring that your warranties stay valid with our certified technicians. 

What Is Included with Your Maintenance Schedule

Two scheduled maintenance calls every year to ensure they are clean and in good working order
  • Heating Season Maintenance on your Furnaces
  • Cooling Season Maintenance on your Air Conditioners​
    • ​Includes two FREE 1" or 2" filters at time of service

Discounted service calls
  • Labor will be discounted an additional 10%
  • Parts will be billed at a 10% off discounted rate
Preferred customer
  • In the event of a breakdown, priority service will be given by our technicians to get your equipment up and running as fast as possible.
  • No overtime rates

How much you spend

  • $195.00 for the Yearly Service
  • Specialty filters for furnaces and humidifiers will be charged an additional fee



How much money you saved    

 ​​Some experts say that up to 75% of no heat calls are from a lack of maintenance.  Avoiding purchases of new equipment like these can save thousands of dollars
  • The efficiency of your equipment will go up when it is clean, saving on bills
  • Average cost of a basic new coil installed, is $1,500
  • Average cost of a basic new furnace installed, is $2,000
  • Average cost of a basic new air conditioning system installed, is $3,300

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