Residential 2nd Chance

Finance your new Rheem Purchase with convenient credit options like interest-free for 60-months!
• Minimum Transaction Size: $5,000
• Maximum Transaction Size: $3 million
• Term Range: 12 - 72 months
• Soft Cost Allowance (includes installation, wiring, plumbing, etc.): up to 50% of the total project cost
• Contractor Cost: $0
• Monthly Payments: Fixed
• Repayment Rate: Dependent on Credit Profile Range
• Commercial Customer Cost Due at Signing: 2 Monthly Payments
• Commercial Customer 1st Monthly Payment Deadline: Due month after the first 50% of financing is released
• Cancellation: Not Allowed, but existing agreement can be rolled into a new agreement
Second chance financing for residential customers that aren't approved for Synchrony.  Financing with a 40% higher approval rate, that won't ding your credit score.
Apply for Credit
Apply for Credit
Please Call to Apply

Please contact the office with your account number once you have been approved.